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All Text and Photographs Copyright © Suzanne Brandyn 2021
Author of Romance and Suspense set in remote Australia



Something terrible happened at North Star, forcing Angelina to flee in the middle of the night with her fifteen-year-old daughter.

Seventeen years later, Sarah is called back home to learn she has a half-sister and that the property will be left to the two daughters, with conditions. Staying in the one place for too long could be dangerous but how can she give up the chance of a lifetime?

Detective Ryan Taylor, North Star's manager, will not change his attitude towards Sarah even though he is asked to look out for her and show her the ropes of the property. With the sudden suspicious death of her father, Ryan oversees the investigation.

As they learn more about each other, Sarah cannot deny her attraction, but how can she form a relationship when her past is stomping about demanding attention?

When she discovers the reason why her mother left, the memory of that traumatic night returns, along with the relationship she had with Ryan.

Will this new information settle her heart and bring them closer together, or will she keep running, never to return?

Born In The Outback
Australian Rural
Romantic Suspense
Return to the Outback
Australian Rural
Romantic Suspense

Detective Ella Hardy from Homicide in Sydney, is sent to join Senior Detective Grant Mitchell to investigate a series of murders on the edge of the outback in NSW. They set up operations at River Glen, his mother's property, not far from the Hardy property, Avonlea.

Fourteen years earlier, an accident tore them apart and she blames Grant for the tragedy. When she meets up with him, her mind is determined to replay the past as though it were a new release.

As they work together, their love is rekindled until another incident tears them apart. With the case concluded, Ella hands in her resignation with intentions to help her parents' out at Avonlea but wealthy grazier, Dylan Burns offers a new romance.

As Ella faces danger and disaster, it's up to her to save herself but can she still hope for a future with Grant, or any future at all?

Outback Secrets
Australian Rural
Romantic Suspense

According to rumours, Lily Noble's father drove out into the wilderness nineteen years ago to die. When bones are recently discovered near his abandoned ute, her mother informs her of the details surrounding that devastating day. Now, Lily is determined to find out what happened.

Under the alias of Abby O'Brien, she leaves her job with the police force in the city and accepts a position as a personal nurse to care for Nathaniel and Matthew Kinsley's mother.

Arriving at the cattle station, Lily thinks she has a foolproof plan until she catches the eye of the elder Kinsley brother and sparks fly.

Secrets are revealed, and the sordid past of the Nobles and Kinsleys comes to a head when Lily discovers a family she didn't know existed.

Will this news be the glue to hold her to a place she once called home, and can she learn to trust Nathaniel and accept his marriage proposal?

Outback Promises
Australian Rural
Romantic Suspense

Jordan returns to Walkers Way to follow his dream of purchasing the Walker timber mill. But Holly doesn't think her heart will survive the impact when she sets eyes on him. After all, they were childhood sweethearts, and it continued until the day he left town almost six years ago.

Holly is fearful he will discover a secret she's hidden, and avoiding him in a small town is impossible, especially with a persistent matchmaking father on the loose.

Her father and Jordan organise a contract for the sale of the mill. When Holly discovers their true intentions, she is furious. She didn't spend every Saturday working at the mill and doing the books for the last ten years for nothing. That mill was promised to her by her late grandfather.

When she wakes to find her son missing, her world crumbles. A second crime follows, and Jordan puts the mill on hold and takes on one last case before he resigns from the police force.

Despite their differences of opinion and the discovery of something he never thought possible, Jordan is now on a mission, and that is to have Holly permanently in his life.

Romancing The Outback